Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness

Learn about the amazing entrepreneurs and Vagipreneurs creating products and services that women need and the creative ideas they are using to bring them to market. Discover what is happening in the female health education space, new business models and companies offering solutions AND making a huge social impact.  And all of this is coming directly from the mouths and brains of the people on the front lines making things happen.

See What Readers Have To Say:

I recommend Orgasmic Leadership to every patient and listener of mine who wants better insight and options regarding their sexual and reproductive health options. Rachel speaks with a powerful voice about building businesses and creating sexual, personal and professional options. Each interview adds a new layer of practical understanding. Must read!

I am very impressed with Rachel’s domain expertise, marketing chops and leadership. I’ve referred her to CEOs who could benefit from her wisdom, lessons learned and new vocabulary for FemTech. This book is essential reading for any “vagipreneur” and useful for all female entrepreneurs. Rachel tackles taboo topics with a delightful sense of humor. I’m sure you’ll laugh out loud at times like I did.

Orgasmic Leadership is wonderfully insightful and incredibly relatable read on so many levels for the professional woman, working mom multi-tasker,  looking for entrepreneurial knowledge, know-how and optimism to lean in to the women’s health and wellness business.

With Orgasmic Leadership, Rachel reminds us of two of my favorite topics, the power of female entrepreneurs and the importance of women’s sexual health. Through her candid stories, probing interviews, and thought leadership she inspires us to think differently and never to give up our dreams for ourselves or our daughters.

Beatty Cohan, author of For Better, For Worse Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love, nationally recognized psychotherapist and sex therapist

Lauren Flanagan, Managing Partner, BELLE Capital USA; Partner, BiteSize Solutions

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, award winning gynecologist, voted “Top Doctor” in New York Magazine and in Westchester County, co-author of The Complete A to Z for your V, The Sexual Spark, and V is for Vagina 

Lisa Kent, Founder of The Luminations Group and author of Inspiring Innovation

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