“I have had the opportunity to work with Rachel at a number of our events. Not only is she a true thought leader in women’s sexual health, she brings a unique style, an engaging approach and decades of experience. She is an amazing moderator and stand-out public speaker.”

Aya Pariy
Portfolio Director, Kisaco Research

“Rachel served as a panelist for the 2017 Hygienix Conference, by INDA (Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry), focusing on the universe of folks focused in feminine hygiene, menstruation and incontinence.
We pride ourselves on bringing meaningful and educational content to our attendees, participants and sponsors. And Rachel did not disappoint!! You could hear and feel the energy and interest in the packed auditorium during Rachel’s presentation on trends, insights and companies that are changing the female health landscape. I am absolutely a new member of her fan club!! We absolutely will work with her again. In fact, we can’t wait for her book, Orgasmic Leadership, to be available to our members.”

Deanna Lovell
Education Manager, INDA​

“I originally met Rachel when she spoke at a Duke community in NYC focusing on entrepreneurship business building. Her style is engaging and motivating; her dynamic conversation and generates terrific audience participation. We had such a terrific response from our members to Rachel’s presentation, her availability to answer questions and the quality of her information. After the event, we enthusiastically asked Rachel to be on our governing board on which she has served effectively for many years.”

Sarah Rosen
Former Co-chair, Duke NY Women’s Forum, Managing Director, Women’s Association of New Jersey Performing Arts Center

“Rachel Braun Scherl is the real deal. I am a Career Services Manager at the NCJW Center for Women, our mission is to assist women who are in a transition, find their voice, whether that be to find a job or start their own business. As part of my job responsibilities, I bring in local employers, career coaches, and life coaches to lend their expertise to my clients. Rachel’s presentation to my clients was spot on; she was able to reach a wide spectrum of the audience while still staying true to herself. Her presentation on Finding your Leadership voice rang true for many of my clients. The presentation was fast paced, and interactive and created a wonderful dialogue for my clients to think about. If you need a speaker, call Rachel.”

Patty Kremen
Career Services Manager at NCJW/Essex Center for Women