Women's Health and Wellness Pioneer and Trailblazer

Rachel is bold and savvy. A growth strategy consultant, marketing expert and sought-after public speaker, she was dubbed the first ‘Vagipreneur’ after she successfully started her own female health and wellness company, creating a new category in the process.

A champion for women’s health, Rachel has passionately focused on driving the conversation on the business of women’s sexual and reproductive health. She works on femtech and sextech businesses from women “from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes.”

Rachel is regularly featured at leadership and entrepreneurship events at colleges, universities, corporations and conferences, including SXSW, CES, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, The Fuqua School at Duke University, Yale School of Management, Rutgers University, Barnard College, Johnson & Johnson, AbbVie, and BCG, among others.


Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness

Orgasmic Leadership reflects a wellspring of deep personal experience in pharmaceuticals, consumer products, women’s health as well as indepth interviews with leaders in the sexual wellness field. Rachel Braun Scherl takes on women’s long-neglected needs and satisfaction with a strategic business focus, humor, insight and passion. In the process, Rachel exposes an incredibly complex tangle of outdated barriers and challenges that stand in the way of the successful commercialization of women’s health products and services.


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