As a coach for executives and entrepreneurs, I try to provide pragmatic and useful information about decision-making and solving complex problems. Orgasmic Leadership provides a framework for doing just that. It is now recommended reading for all my clients trying to build, grow and succeed.


Orgasmic Leadership was such a fun read! I loved hearing from other badass women in the industry to who helping to push boundaries and create a more sex-positive world. Rachel does an amazing job highlighting their stories and explaining how her venture with Zestra helped pave the way for progress in such an important space. I’m excited for the future of sexual wellness and look forward to book #2!

Rebecca Story

I am really enjoying reading Orgasmic Leadership. I almost missed my stop on the train multiple times as I read about the journey the author and the women interviewed went through to find their purpose, funding, profitable businesses. Women’s sexual health and wellness affect every aspect of their lives and it is impressive and inspiring to hear of all the efforts these ladies meet women’s needs.

As a NYC business woman myself, I really enjoyed to read about the Vagipreneur’s journey and feel empowered to find my own way to empower other women.

I highly recommend this book to any woman has contemplated becoming a vagipreneur at some point in her life. Thank you Rachel Braun Scherl for writing this great book!

NYC book loving businesslady

I find myself in a position of having co-founded a company focused on women’s health products.

Rachel’s book is not only a fun and pleasant read, but it’s also true in that it gave a sad, but true, set of tales of how the world treats women’s health issues. 95% of the companies that accept ads for viagra, refused a similarly targeted product for women, according to Rachel….and that sort of lesson is just chapter 1!

Jason Holloway