“I have had the opportunity to work with Rachel at a number of our events. Not only is she a true thought leader in women’s sexual health, she brings a unique style, an engaging approach and decades of experience. She is an amazing moderator and stand-out public speaker.”

Aya Pariy
Portfolio Director, Kisaco Research

“I have never seen a speaker that can light up an audience, the media or a journalist, connect with them and motivate them the way that Rachel Braun Scherl can. She is quite a unique combination of experience, professionalism, authenticity and humor. She is one in a million.”

Diane Terman
CEO Diane Terman PR NYC, Public Relations Expert, Connector, Brand Launch and Business Growth Catalys

“Rachel continues to conquer new frontiers in both the business and sexual medicine arenas. She has eloquently paved the way for the sexual health awareness and how it intertwines with business challenges. I personally have had the pleasure to work closely with Rachel and can truly say that she is a leader amongst her business and sexuality peers; she is a well-respected women’s health advocate. Her commitment to excellence, and business savvy professionalism combined with her unyielding passion for education leads her fight for female sexual health equality. She sets an example for our young daughters, sisters and mothers.”

Michael Krychman, MD
Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health

“I meet leaders, both male and female, every day in the work I do. Rachel brings to life the characteristics and necessary mindset that I believe people need to be successful. And Rachel lives those qualities in her work and her life.”

Deborah Perry Piscione
New York Times Bestselling author, multi-media entrepreneur and networking expert

“My heartfelt respect, admiration and appreciation for Rachel Braun Scherl and all her Sister Entrepreneurs/Vagipreneurs. These smart savvy women are changing the way we think, feel, and behave. Yay!”

Jackie Zeman
Emmy nominated actress

“Rachel Braun Scherl is a creative and driven business person. Her success in building a women’s health business is a testament to her extraordinary imagination and persistence. As a speaker to MBA students and as a member of our university’s entrepreneurial community, she is frank and direct. She is a source of inspiration as well as actionable practical advice.”

Jon Fjeld,
Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

“Rachel Scherl is a smart, fearless, female leader. She makes the complex, simple. Rachel can see a path forward, even when others may be having a hard time finding the way.”

Alissa Kaplan
Executive Director at J. Walter Thompson

“A market-maker in the multi-billion-dollar global women’s sexual health marketplace, Rachel Braun-Sherl is serious about smashing stereotypes and revealing inequities. Her super power is her passion, persistence, and perseverance on behalf of this huge, yet undervalued business opportunity.”

Amy Millman
Amy Millman, Co-Founder and President, Springboard Enterprises