01. How To Build Your Own Brand

Rachel describes some of the practices she has developed and used to build her own brand and the brands of clients.

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02. Finding Your Leadership Voice

What is a leadership voice?  Do you have one?  If not, why do you need one and where do you find it?

03. Designing Your Career Path

What is your vision for your career? How do you handle the twists and turns that you face? How do you pivot and pursue another path when needed?

04. SUP-X Interview

Business builder, marketing guru and self-proclaimed “vagipreneur” Rachel Braun Scherl talks about the challenges of launching and exiting a female sexual health product and the importance of resiliency and creativity on this edition of SUP-X Radio.

05. Orgasmic Leadership – and Why It Matters

Rachel describes the skills and strategies she has used and seen others employ to build businesses in the female health and wellness space.

06. Creating and Building Your Leadership Voice

Once you have created your leadership voice, you need to use and find ways to use it to propel your business objectives and your career.

07. VCS, a VAGIPRENEUR, and a $100 bill

Necessity is the mother of invention. Learn how Rachel used others’ discomfort to create a conversation to drive investment in one of her companies.

08. Making a Difference in the World of Female Health

Tune in and hear how Rachel is making a real difference in the area of women’s health!